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Berirouche Feddal - La Spoliation du Souk - 2024


Montreal, Canada


Upcoming 2024


Curator & Producer

Project type

Art Exhibition

Refusing to abdicate his culture, his language, and his identity, Berirouche Feddal exploits subjects linked to his person and his memory: a mixture of discoveries, anecdotes, and sometimes revolt. Tracing his Amazigh African origins through the collection of biographical photographs, he blends past and present in a body of work that could be understood as split self-portraits evoking the fragility of memories and the mark left by our past experiences.

The exhibition will present a series of new works in an experiential and original environment where the visitor will be led to visit the souk, a space at the intersection of historical research and surrealism. As the curator, my role is to optimize the exhibition by guiding the artist through the management and mediation surrounding the project.

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