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Breanna Shanahan - Four Seasons Hotel - 2021


August 2021 - November 2021


Montreal, Canada


Strategist and Producer

Project type

Art Installation

Main Window Marcus Restaurant - Four Seasons Montreal

Local Montreal-based artists to give their interpretation of chef Marcus Samuelsson's culinary vision and his love of seafood, inherited from his childhood in Sweden while respecting the aesthetic of Zébulon Perron who designed the interior spaces of the Four Seasons Montreal.

This work is inspired by the east coast beach where lives the artist Breanna Shanahan. The Bay of Fundy, which is also the world’s highest tide ecozone, is home to many different plants, creatures, and human interventions. The project explores the structural formation of the dulse, using polyester cotton as a primary material and mirrors, responding to the Mirrored back wall connecting the ‘dulse’ creating a seemingly solid formation of the fibrous sculpture. As a trendy element of contemporary recipes, the representation of dulse through Shanahan's artistic vision highlights Samuelsson's audacious approach to cuisine.

Concept by emde Agency Berlin

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